Throughout his forty years as an artist,  Michael Jessing (Mixa) has expressed his responses to personal and social issues in his art.   By using allegory (visual metaphors), and mythological themes, he has created poetic visual narratives built upon imaginative compositional structures. These paintings and drawings are journeys  within a  figurative format.  Jessing has been influenced by artists such as William Blake, Goya, Stanley Spencer, and Botticelli.  The works represented here are from several recent series based on various subjects.  They include his Babylon Prophecies, illustrations to the complete Book of Psalms, illustrated narratives (entitled "cozmix") based on Sumerian myths, "Organic-earthscapes," and his recent environmental series "Mother Earth."  As well as these artworks, Jessing has worked on icons  and murals.

In 2007,  Jessing painted three large gilded murals of “A Procession of Angels” for St. Peter’s Church,  Peebles, Scotland.  More recently he has completed a twenty eight foot long outdoor mural celebrating the Labour Movement in Prestonpans, Scotland. In 2015  he  completed (commissioned by the community council)  a mural for Peebles based on aspects of its history through the ages.

His illustrations to the complete  Book of  Psalms  have been exhibited in York Minster Library and Chichester Cathedral in 2008.  They were also exhibited in  Wells Cathedral in 2009 and Carlisle Cathedral in 2010.

Jessing was born in New York City, studied at the Art Students League under Robert Brackman.  He began exhibiting in the United States in galleries and museums in New York and Ohio in the 80's. He moved to Scotland in the 90's where he has had exhibtions in Edinburgh, Carlisle and London among other places. it was in the first decade of this century that he developed his skills in mural painting and icons. This has been a means of exploring both inner contemplative themes (icons) and more outgoing public concepts (murals). 


Art is about expressing feelings and thoughts about the systems in which we live. Art is about opening up to the creative impulse. It is a freedom which imagines possiblities. My art  is centred around this longing to explore the inner world  as well as embracing the patterns of the world beyond.


Michael Jessing

Born: 1953 - New York City

Selected Exhibitions:

2015- Peebles, Pennels Close- "Peebles Mural"

2015-Tweeddale Museum, Peebles - "Allegories and other Mind Journeys" 

2014- Findhorn, Moray Arts Centre - " The Goddess"  - Group Exhibit

2013- Prestonpans, Prestongrange Mining Museum - "Black Gold Mural"

2012 Innerleithen, St. Ronan Wells Centre- "Myths of the Borders"  - Group Exhibit 

2011 Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

       Prestonpans, Scotland - Labour Party Cub - "Labour in Prestonpans Mural"

2010 Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

2009 Wells Cathedral, Wells - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

2008 York Minster Library, York - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

        Chichester Cathedral, Chichester - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

2007 London Centre for Spirituality - “Icons by Michael Jessing”

2004 St. John’s, Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality - “Psalms and Icons”

2002 St. Giles, Oxford - “Selections from the Book of Psalms”

2000 Carie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York

1995 Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr - “Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing”

1994 Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries - “Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing”

1993 Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh - “Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing”

1990 Emerging Collector Gallery, New York City

1987 Canton Art Institute, Ohio - “Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing”

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RSA - Fellow


Art Students League, New York City, 1970-1974

contact - phone 0131 6299231

              email http://mixastudio@hotmail.co.uk

                                                                     Jessing in a spiral

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