Graphic Booklets

 A series of illustrated mythological narratives, Cozmix,  by Michael Jessing have recently been created. Currently four are available -  the "Huluppu Tree", "Inanna's Descent", "Romance of Dumuzi & Inanna" and "Gilgamesh" (23 illustrations). 

                                                             Cover from "Gilgamesh"  2011      8x12"  Ink

Page 1  "Gilgamesh"

Page 2 "Gilgamesh"

                                                             Cover from "Inanna's Descent"  2010  12x8" Ink

                                                  Cover from "Huluppu Tree"  2009   12x8"  Ink

                                        Cover for "Romance of Dumuzi and Inanna"  ink   2013

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