Recent Mural Projects by Michael Jessing have included:

2006 - St. Peter's Church, Peebles - "Procession of Angels"

2009 - Prestonpans Mural competition first prize - "Black Gold - Coal Miners of Prestonpans"

2010-11 - Prestonpans - "Labour in Prestonpans"  

2014 - Design for Peebles Historical Mural

2015- Peebles, Pennels Close - "Peebles Mural"

2017-Design for Thomas the Rhymer mural

Drawing for "Labour in Prestonpans"

"Labour in Prestonpans"           8' x   28'    2011    external mural on the Prestonpans Labour Party Club wall, Scotland

St. Peter's- Procession of Angels     5' x  14'       2006      St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Peebles, Scotland

Design for Peebles Mural (centre section)           36"x59"                  Pencil                                    2014

 Peebles Mural - King David the First (section)

Peebles mural - Peebleans from the industrial age (section)

Peebles Mural - Present & future (section) 

Peebles Mural                                               30ft x 8ft                      Keim Paint                             2015

                                                Peebles Mural   and  community assistance during "Detail Saturday"

 Pencil studies for  "Thomas the Rhymer Mural"  by   Michael Jessing & Ross MacRae exhibited at Peebles, Eastgate Theatre 2017

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