Portraiture has been an important part of Jessing's art. He has felt that the best way of communicating ideas and feelings is through the human figure. A dialogue is established between the artist and the sitter both in real life and on the paper or canvas which brings to the creative processs more than just a superfical reflection.

Jessing does commissioned portraits which may be done as drawings lasting no more than an hour, or complete  paintings which may take several weeks.

Jessing leading Icon workshop at Tullie House, Carlisle

                                  Jessing leading an Icon workshop at Tullie House, Carlisle, June 2008

Workshops which Jessing has held include Portraiture, Icon painting, and Creativity. As well as holding Icon workshops at Tullie House in Carlisle, Jessing has held workshop/demonstrations for Portraiture in Edinburgh, Oban and Peebles.  For more information contact the artist.

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